I am NOT a Cruise Critic

“Critic : -noun – a person who expresses an unfavourable opinion of something.”

I was asked today if I was a cruise critic.

“No”, I said, I write about my experiences on ships, I am a cruise travel writer.

So what’s the difference, they asked…

“Well”, I said, put it this way, and I quote a very noble person here, when Mahatma Gandhi was asked if he would march in the anti-Vietnam war protest, his answer was “no”.

However, he said, should you have a pro-peace march I would like to be included.

Please take a moment to ponder the difference.

So am I critical of some situations on cruises…yes.

Am I a cruise critic, no.

I tell it as I see it, but take it in context. Most of Asia are third world world countries, they don’t meet the Western standards SOME travellers expect.

If you travel to distant lands and expect the same experience that you get at home, why not travel close to home and avoid disappointment?

Embrace the differences you will unavoidably experience when you travel to Asia, otherwise my advise is to do a google search for “river cruise near me”. Yes, they know where you live.

Tim Fielding

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