Crystal boss lets “Cat out of the bag”.

A new ship for Crystal Cruises will be announced in the next few months.

“Speedy” Edie Rodriguez took over the job as Crystal boss a little over a year ago and last week had lunch with a handful of trade journalists at Sydney restaurant, Chiswick.

While not officially making an announcement on the new build, reading between the lines revealed that an announcement is imminent by stating; “While we have nothing official for now, things will happen soon”.

Crystal will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand in July 2015, and given the “World’s best ship”, the Crystal Serenity – according to the “Fielding’s Guide to Luxury Cruises” is now 11 years old, it is an opportune time to implement some design improvements that can be found on some newer competitors ships.

As Crystal retired the Harmony in 2006 to parent NYK in Japan, where it became the Asuka II, I believe Crystal may stick to a two ship formula by retiring the Symphony after the launch of the yet to be named new build.

As it takes around 2-3 years from announcement to launch the new build will likely have a maiden voyage in 2017.

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