Heritage Line : Shin Arahan launched on 19 September 2015

Heritage Line Indochina today announce the launch of the Shin Arahan, a luxury paddle-wheeler – scheduled to commence sailing in September 2015. Paddle-wheelers ferried British soldiers on this river when Burma was a British protectorate in the late 1800s. They were immortalised in Kipling’s poem “Mandalay” written in 1890.

Named after an 11th Century monk – Shin Arahan – who was at once a bold leader and patient teacher, our ship embraces the values of this dynamic figure in Myanmar’s history. Blending the purity and serenity of this master’s Buddhist beliefs, with the grandeur of the British Empire, The Shin Arahan is the perfect vessel on which to explore the Irrawaddy River and its’ largest tributary – the Chindwin River.

The Shin Arahan aims to be the embodiment of luxury and grandeur with the largest cabins and public spaces on the Irrawaddy. The ship boasts only 23 cabins arranged on the 3 decks, each with its’ own balcony. Like a floating palace, your accommodations range from Deluxe staterooms starting at 344 sq. ft. including a 75 sq. ft. balcony to our two luxurious, top level Royal Suites each with a spacious 926 sq. ft. including 310 sq. ft. balcony and a private Jacuzzi.

A spacious Thaizin Spa with multiple massage beds and steam bath; a gym with modern workout equipment and a jacuzzi pool located on Sun Deck complement the elegant Mandalay Lounge, Kipling’s Bar and the spacious Hintha Hall Restaurant.

Carrying on the Heritage Line Indochina tradition of impeccable service, the Shin Arahan will have the highest crew to passenger ratio of any ship sailing the Irrawaddy.

juniorsuiteThe ship is the perfect fusion of Burmese tradition and British Colonial elegance. With the deep-seeded affection for the country’s Buddhist roots, the ship’s Burmese accents, artefacts, patterns and unique ornaments will inspire you to immerse yourself in a bygone era of the country. Relive the days of Old Burma, just as Kipling and Orwell embraced it, in our treasure filled expedition through the ‘Land of Gold”.

The Shin Arahan joins the Heritage Line Indochina family of ships – the Jahan and Jayavarman – sailing on the Mekong and the Ginger, Jasmine and Violet plying the waters of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

Heritage Line Indochina is the consummate Collector of ships, artefacts and relics from bygone eras. We are the Artisans who create the most memorable on-board and on-shore experiences for our passengers. And we are veritable Hosts, who embrace you with unbridled warmth, courtesy and friendship.

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