Heritage re-name Irrawaddy New Build

One of my most anticipate new builds for 2015, cruising the Irrawaddy (Ayerarwady), has been re-named out of respect for religious connotations.

Now Heritage Line’s new luxury paddle-wheeled vessel, scheduled to commence sailing on the Ayeyarwady River in October of 2015 will be named the ‘Anawrahta’.

As advised by the Government of Myanmar, formally Burma, to respect any ethnic minorities and sensitivities within the country to avoid sensitive names such as Shin Arahan, the former working name of the new build.

As the Heritage press release states: “One of our core principles, that distinguishes Heritage Line, is as Collectors of unique ships with artefacts that reflect a bygone era. We will be thus honouring Anawrahta, the first King to put a stamp on Burmese history by unifying the country in 1044. He was a mighty warrior, accomplished statesman and introduced Theravada Buddhism throughout the country. In more modern times, during the Colonial Era, the British ferried their personnel and goods the length of the river by paddle-wheelers. The low draft design of the boat allowed them to sail year-round and we are emulating that fact in our new vessel.”

Heritage Anawrahta

Heritage Anawrahta

The Anawrahta – Monarch of the Ayeyarwady – is the perfect vessel to explore this mighty river. The stately 65 m/213 ft. long Anawrahta features three spacious decks and 23 luxurious cabins. There will be 16 Deluxe cabins, 3 Junior suites, 2 Executive suites and 2 Royal suites. When launched, the ship will have the largest cabins and public spaces and the highest crew-to-passenger ratio on the river. With white rails, polished lacquer, intricately carved woodwork and shining brass fittings, The Anawrahta takes guests back to an era of bygone elegance.

Heritage Line is a dynamic cruise company offering guests an experience at once intimate, authentic, educational and adventurous. Currently, the line has 3 ships in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam [Ginger, Jasmine and Violet] and two ships [Jayavarman and Jahan] sailing the Mekong between Siem Reap, Cambodia and My Tho, Vietnam.”

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