Pandaw River Expeditions

Operating a fleet of 12 luxurious vessels in Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia, exploring the great rivers of South-East Asia, Pandaw River Expeditions offers a real adventure experience. Travellers are cushioned with luxury comfort, fine dining, fare inclusive cocktails and wines, and extraordinary levels of service.

Pandaw River Expeditions explore destinations still largely undiscovered by with many areas only accessible by river. Their elegant vessels are designed with very shallow drafts on the rivers, allowing them the access parts of the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers in Burma and the Mekong River through Cambodia and Vietnam that other ships aren’t always able to reach.

Finished in hand-crafted teak and brass, the vessels are designed as replicas of the original colonial river steamers and offer very high ratio of space to passengers.

Each Pandaw cruise includes a range of intrepid shore excursions to local – and often inaccessible – communities, and all shore excursions are included within the price, as well as a range of locally sourced and international food, all drinks and gratuities. Guests are able to dine in open-air dining rooms on deck on most expeditions and in the evening enjoy cultural performances from local performers and musicians.

Pandaw’s diverse range of itineraries span three and four night expeditions between Phnom Penh and Saigon, to 20 day expeditions through the remotest parts of Burma, and with seasonal conditions of the rivers altering river depths and conditions, no two itineraries are ever the same.

On the new Kalay Pandaw, the incredibly shallow draft of less than 75cm allows it to venture hundreds of miles further north along the Irrawaddy than any other cruise ship, exploring many destinations inaccessible by land.

A family-run company, Pandaw was the first company to offer expeditions on both the Irrawady and Chindwin Rivers and has almost 20 years experience navigating three of the great rivers of South East Asia.

Visit the Pandaw web site here: Pandaw Expeditions

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