The Sanctuary of Luxury

Sanctuary Retreats is a UK based company that operates a number of African Lodges. They now own and operate 13 lodges and camps in Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania and Uganda.

Interestingly for us Asian cruisers however, is their two Asian based vessels, one China’s Yangtze that they lease some cabins on, and a brand new company owned vessel, the Ananda, being launched in November 2014.

The new addition to the Sanctuary portfolio, the Ananda will will be sailing the Myanmar rivers.  It’s spec sheet is VERY impressive, and I plan to provide a live voyage report from her at the end of 2014.

In China, along the Yangtze, The Sanctuary M.S. Explorer introduced a new standard of cruising in China, when she debuted. While not the newest vessel on the river, it does boast the largest cabins and suites and the highest crew to passenger ratio.

Life aboard the spacious Sanctuary Explorer is unhurried. And with only 62 cabins or up to 124 guests, it has far fewer passengers than other vessels in the area.

The Sanctuary Retreats’ portfolio of luxury safari lodges and expedition ships bring the boutique experience to guests with the added promise of authenticity. Their philosophy is “Luxury, naturally”.

Join me for the very first live voyage report, by subscribing to the newsletter, from the Sanctuary Explorer, from March 16-20, 2014 as I travel upstream from Yichang to Chongqing.

Visit the Sanctuary website here: Sanctuary Retreats

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