Two Brides and Ten Grooms…China’s complex relationships.

The brides are the twin sisters Century Paragon and Legend.

They are the newest, best featured ships on the Yangtze River in China today. But they sure have a lot of boyfriends.

You see, in China it is not possible for foreign companies to own a cruise ship, so you get a situation where companies such as Viking lease an entire ship such the Century owned “Emerald”.

Other smaller companies who can only dream of filling a ship every week like Viking have to take an allocation of cabins on a particular ship. That’s where the Century Paragon and Legend fit in.

Currently they allocate space to the following tour operators outside of China:

* Uniworld
* Avalon / Globus
* Nicko
* Jules Verne
* Meirers
* China Discovery
* Gate 1
* Brendan Tours
* China Focus

On top of this they sell space directly through travel agents in China. So who should you expect on board the Paragon & Legend if you travel on them? An International basket of guests from Europe, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Chinese speaking guests from China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong.

If the tour company you are looking at is not listed above I recommend you investigate which ship they use. If it not a Century ship or the Yangzi Explorer BEWARE.

Cruises run by Victoria Cruises are a VERY LOW Western standard. Other cruise companies on the Yangtze cater predominately to Chinese audiences – please do you homework to avoid smoke filled ships, serving food you won’t like and LOUD verbal exchanges going on around you.

Choose your bride wisely.

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