Yangtze River China – Photo Composition

Please join with me for a photo composition along China’s Yangtze river on Viking Emerald during March, 2014.


Here the metropolis of Chongqing, with a population of 32 million is shown in the back ground. In the foreground is the Century Paragon, and the Viking Emerald is between the two.


There are dozens of large bridges spanning the Yangtze along the journey – it is AMAZING to see the scale of infrastructure China has built in the last two decades to support the Three Gorges Dam project.

Yangtze River Ship

For the tour of the Lesser Three Gorges passengers are split into two groups for a 3 hour cruise on a smaller boat with commentary along the way, where local attractions are highlighted including wild monkeys frolicking.

Bridge Yangtzee

Another mighty Yangtze bridge.

Yangtze Lock

The first upstream lock, or last if downstream. A spectacular engineering feat in itself, you can see the high water mark on the walls, and your descent as the water is drained is quite rapid.

Yangtze View

The view from the top of the Shibaozhai Temple.

Trade ship

The Yangtze is a major transport route, typically large ship haul sand, cement, gypsum, shipping containers, construction equipment, earth moving equipment, cars and trucks. You will also see many barges transporting all types of people and vehicles from one side of the river to the other.

Counterfeit Liquor

Fancy some “Produce of Scotland” Jack Knight whiskey? I would advise against it, unless you are looking for inexpensive paint stripper.

Shibaozhai Temple

A view back to the Viking Emerald from Shibozhai Temple.

Viking School

You will get an opportunity to visit a Viking school on your trip – my advice, DON’T miss it. Here the school band greets us travellers at the entrance to the school.

China Smiles

One of the happy children you can meet and share your English language chit chat with.

Schools message

The message for students to live by.

Coal Power

China’s voracious appetite for electricity is driven by coal fired power stations which contribute to the pollution problem. The switch to green energy like the Three Gorges Dam hydro-electric power station and no less than 10 nuclear power stations in development aim to tackle the problem head on.

Chinese locals

Here locals pass the time playing cards, in the distant background you can just make out Shibozhai Temple.

Next week we take a 4 night upstream voyage on Sanctuary Explorer full review to follow, along with a full review on the Viking Emerald, here: VIKING EMERALD FULL REVIEW and a back to back comparison of the Viking Emerald and Sanctuary Explorer.

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